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Guest Post Service And Why It’s A Fact For Your Business

Let’s clarify what’s the guest posting is Guest posting also called “, guest blogging”. “Guest posting” means is writing content on someone else’s niche relevant website or blog.

Usually, the guest publisher do guest post service to writes similar blogs within their niche in order to:

  • Get relevant traffic back to their own website.
  • Increase the domain authority using external links to relevant high authority website.
  • Promote their branding.
  • Building the relationship with the relevant people

For the guest post service, both sides will be benefited.

How important quality guest posts For Your Business.

Link building is a key factor for Google ranking and submits a guest post is a major link building strategy.The guest posting allows so many benefits for any business. To share your article on other niches relevant ’ websites, you can introduce yourself as a great writer within your relevant industry. For quality guest posts you will get one or more do-follow links from a particular post that will pass link juice, relevant signal to the Google, and become rank.

Essential Parts Of Guest Posts

  • Guest posts must be informative, educational, User-friendly, and well-written.
  • The guest blog posting service must be on-topic. Readers want to read them to get maximum benefit.
  • Internal and external links must be helpful and relevant to the article. Read More: Local Citation In USA
  • Just avoid posting on those sites that post a lot of guest content or just selling and buying links because the links are definitely unnecessary.
  • let people know to share your publishing article. Social sharing increases your branding.

Before Selecting The Guest Posting Sites You Should Follow The Metrics

  • Domain Authority (DA): Make sure your site has a high DA guest posting.
  • RD :RD is called reference domain make sure your guest posting sites has many reference domain.
  • Domain Rating: Domain Rating is a Ahrefsmetrics .make sure site has a good RD.
  • A good site must havereal social accounts. Every article must be shared on social site.
  • A good site must have traffic consistency or it is rising.No up and down of traffic.
  • No signals such as “Write for us” “Guest Post”, any author boxes.
  • A great site Spam Score must be less than 10.

Guest Posting Sites : The Definitive Guide

  • Let’s discuss how to find out the guest posting opportunity.
    1. Google Search Strings:Google Search Strings is one of the best way to find out the targeted website. Here’s a list of Google search strings that help you to find the best guest posting opportunities:

    Keyword “guest post”
    Keyword “write for us”
    Keyword “guest article”
    Keyword “guest post opportunities”
    Keyword “contributing writer”
    Keyword “submit blog post”
    Keyword “submit content”
    Keyword “submit an article”
    Keyword “submit news”
    Keyword “become a guest blogger
    Keyword “guest blogger”
    Keyword “send a tip”
    Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
    Keyword inurl: “guest post”
    allintitle: Keyword + guest post

    1. Google Image Search :Google Image Search is very simple First, find out who is writing a lot of guest posts in your niche then search it to Google to find out where is writing.
    2. Twitter Search :Twitter Search is very cool not like Google . The search will like this


Within a couple of minutes, you will able to find out of high-quality sites that accept guest posts, like this.

  1. Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Backlinks: Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Backlinks is one of the great way to find out niche relevant site that accept guest posting.First, Find out the site was ranking for a lot of keywords in your niche. Just go to the semrush search the backlinks

Within a short time you will able to get lots of high quality guest posts backlinks. The best part about this tactic is no signal such as “write for us” or no Author box.

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